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Purchaser: SaskPower
Name: Jim Mabee
Phone: (306) 566-2759
Fax: (306) 566-2777
Record Last Updated: April 19, 2010
SaskPower is the principal supplier of electricity in Saskatchewan. Its mission is to deliver power in a safe, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. Founded as the Saskatchewan Power Commission in 1929, SaskPower was incorporated in 1949 and operates primarily under the mandate and authority of The Power Corporation Act (the "Act"). The Act grants SaskPower the exclusive franchise and the exclusive obligation, within the province (except for the City of Swift Current and the City of Saskatoon), to supply, transmit and distribute electricity, as well as provide service to customers. SaskPower has opened Saskatchewan's wholesale electricity market to competition through the posting of an Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT). The OATT allows competitors to schedule access to the corporation's transmission system to wheel power through Saskatchewan or sell to SaskPower's wholesale (reseller) customers. SaskPower serves more than 441,000 customers and manages $4.1 billion in assets.

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The Purchasing Department is responsible for implementing corporate procurement policies and procedures for SaskPower. Our key objectives are:

  • To procure goods and services at the lowest possible cost while maintaining quality, delivery, service, Saskatchewan content, and any other relevant criteria.
  • To conduct all purchasing functions and activities in such a manner that community, public and vendor relationships are maintained while applying professional business standards.

Competitive tendering is the preferred procurement method for purchasing goods and services for SaskPower. Vendors/Suppliers are normally chosen from our vendor list, or notified through advertisements in local newpapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a vendor/ supplier to SaskPower?
    In order to supply goods or services to SaskPower the first step is to get on the SaskPower vendor list. All potential vendor/suppliers must complete a Vendor Registration Form. SaskPower personnel will review your business information and assign your business to the appropriate tender activities/categories. If you are a manufacturer or distributor, SaskPower personnel may follow-up with a site visit to your business.

    A SaskPower Vendor Registration Form can be obtained by contacting the SaskPower Purchasing Department at (306) 566-2771, sending an email request, or by printing a copy of the Vendor Registration Form.
  2. How do I find out what goods and services SaskPower purchases?
    Contact Purchasing or Quality Assurance & Supplier Development at (306) 566-2771. Manufacturers can request a tour of a SaskPower facility to view many of the goods and services SaskPower requires.
  3. How can I find out what contract opportunities are available to tender on?
    SaskPower may issue a tender directly to vendors/suppliers on our vendor list or a notice to tender will be advertised in local newspapers.

Vendor registration and information

The purpose for member registration is to create and maintain a list of qualified vendors by product or service groupings. SaskPower purchasing personnel search the database for potential vendors depending on good or service required.
SaskPower selects vendors from several sources, including business directories, our own vendor registration list, and responses to advertised tenders.
To get on the SaskPower vendor list, a Vendor Registration Form must be completed. Use this form to tell us about the goods and services you can provide, and we'll include your company in our supplier database.

Once you're a registered vendor

After you've completed a SaskPower vendor registration form, our staff will review your business information and assign your business to the appropriate tender activities and/or categories.
Once you're on SaskPower's vendor list, you will receive invitations to tender for the activities and/or categories you've chosen. You can also receive a tender package by responding to newspaper ads.
SaskPower generally utilizes two types of competitive bidding formats:

  • invitation to tender
  • request for proposal (RFP)

Be sure to follow the instructions when completing a tender or RFP bid proposal, including the process to submit bids. Incomplete documents will be disqualified from the evaluation process.
SaskPower utilizes a closed tendering process, meaning that bidders cannot attend tender openings. SaskPower does not disclose information on the names or numbers of companies submitting bids, or competing vendor pricing contained in a tender or RFP bid submission.
For questions on procurement or our supplier development program call (306) 566-2771.

If you are interested in becoming a SaskPower registered vendor please contact the Procurement Group and/or fill out the Vendor Registration Forms for SaskPower.